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Tenant Services

Why Rent From BANKS Property Management and Sales?

Our experience, proactive and caring teams are here to assist you! We are committed to making your tenancy as comfortable with us as we pride ourselves on our tenant services and constant upkeep of your properties.

As a tenant, you want to know what kind of service you can expect when you lease from BANKS Property Management and Sales. Please read through our website so you may learn a lot of our services, in addition to the information you received when you too occupancy.

We understand that you are busy and do not always have the time to stop by our office with a rent check or call us with a service request. In an ongoing effort to go paperless and keep things convenient, we invite you to submit your rent payment and requests for maintenance repairs and services online. Remember you may pay your rent online, by setting up an account...

Submitting Repairs/Maintenance Request

Please submit all Maintenance Concerns Using the Online Maintenance Request Tab from the Tenant Portal so that we may swiftly handle your concern.

In addition; we also may also ask you to send us before and after pictures, of the repairs you may send it to email repairs@bankspropertymanagement.com; Remember to read your Tenant Handbook "Tips" Care & Maintenance of the property

Tenants: As you know, we take care of all our clients' properties and maintenance concerns at the earliest time possible and strongly urge you not wait for a problem to worsen, or wait at the end of the day to report the problem. It is important that you read the Tenant Handbook given to you upon occupancy, and become familiar with the property and how to effectively care for the property in which you are renting. Minor interior and exterior repairs can be remedy if you handle them in a proactive manner. We strive for all our property owners, properties to be well maintained, and cared for. We ask if you notice an issue to report it do not or ignore the problem, as it may only develop and result in costly repairs to the property owner and liability to you as the tenant for negligence,. By that, we ask that you submit

Please note for properties with home warranties; we will have to call in that service and forward the assign vendor and protocol information to you. All repairs and its deductible will be due at the time of service and will need to be paid by you. Remember it is also up to you as the tenant to schedule a “reasonable appointment” with the vendor.

Submit a Maintenance Request

Our offices do not set appointments between tenants and vendors. If an appointment was made between you and a vendor and you were not home when they arrived, you may be billed a trip charge; should you fail to keep you appointment with the vendor. If you do not hear from your assign vendor within 48hrs hours of reporting your maintenance; send us an email at repairs@bankspropertymanagement.com so we may assign another vendor.

Repairs Department - We deal with normal maintenance issues during the regular business hours 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday- Fri-please submit your maintenance request by clicking the link below.

Contact Information - All tenants are required to have telephone accessibility and to provide our office with their home, work and cell phone numbers. Please be sure to notify us when you change these phone numbers. Even unlisted numbers must be provided.

Submit a Maintenance Request

Reporting After Hours Emergency Repairs: This procedure is for all AFTER HOUR'S Emergency maintenance concerns “Meaning After 5pm – Monday – Sunday” proceed to submit your request using the Online Maintenance Portal. Then follow up with a text or phone call to Merlyn Banks on her cell phone at 571-436-0445.

Remember Get to know your property - When you first move in, Locate the below items:

  • Main Breaker box and note the ground fault circuit breaker – GFCI (this may be located by the sinks and not at the breaker box)
  • Locate Stove, Hot Water Heater & Air Conditioner breakers
  • Locate all the GFI and the locations
  • Find/locate the water shut off valves to the house as well as the gas shut off valves
  • If the property is provided with gas service, (there will be a red plate on the wall with an on/off switch)
  • Locate the water shut off valve (generally in the front yard close to the spigot if you reside in a house. Other location varies the location of the shut off valves based on the type of property you rent, i.e., condos, townhomes, single family homes. Just familiarize yourself with the location(s)
  • Locate gas shut off valve (generally at the gas meter at the exterior of the house - This will vary from property to property)
  • Locate the water shut off valve for hot water heaters and sinks
  • Locate the Filter locations and ensure all filters are change monthly
  • Locate Sump Pump and Back up Battery (if supplied)
  • Clean out, remove leaves and debris from gutters at least (2) time a year
  • Change the HVAC Filters on a Monthly Basis

**Remember once we issue the work order to the vendors, and notify you, it will be up to you as the tenant to schedule a “reasonable appointment” time for the vendor to make the necessary repair, as our office do not set appointments between tenants and vendors.

For properties with home warranties; please note we will have to call in and send you the information on the assign vendor and protocol. Any deductible will be due at the time of service and will need to be paid by you.

Please ensure you provide us with your best contact phone numbers, daytime, evening or cell numbers. If you are not contacted by the assign vendor within 24hrs, please notify the Property Manager immediately on cell and email merlyn.banks@bankspropertymanagement.com so the repair can be reassign.

Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit maintenance requests?

Go to the Maintenance Request tab to learn the correct protocol on this.

When is my rent due?

Your rent is due on the first day of each month and late after the 5th. You have a 5 day grace period to pay your rent; which must be in our office no later than 5:00pm on the 5th day of the month to avoid a late fee.

What if I don't pay by the 5th?

You will be charged a Late Fee per your lease, and will be served the 5 day notice of rent default. We will then report this to the property owner and will act as instructed and possibly begin the civil legal action to collect the rent and eviction process. However once we send you the notice of default you will be grant (5) additional days to bring your account to a zero balance. Once the eviction proceeding begin you will be responsible for all court and attorney fees associated with this process. In the unfortunate event that you are evicted, you will still be responsible for payment of the rent until a replacement tenant is found.

Will my Lease automatically renew?

No. Please make sure you read your Lease Agreement fully and pay close attention to the clauses related to Renewal and Cancellation.

Can I terminate my Lease early?

No. There is no provision for terminating your Lease (unless you are in the Military and orders are furnished).

Am I required to have Renter's Insurance?

Yes, this is mandatory and required upon occupancy. It is inexpensive and will provide you with coverage that typically extends beyond simply insuring your personal belongings. Please call your Auto Insurance Agent to ask about this coverage.

Can I Bring Pet? : Pets Authorized:

The authorized pet fee is a non-refundable fee per pet. All tenants will be required to sign a Pet Addendum. The authorized pet fee is a $300 nonrefundable fee per pet. Some owners may consider incorporating this policy on a case by case basis; a pet rent, per pet, in addition to the monthly rent, or a pet deposit. If your rental application and your lease allows for pets, you must understand that the privilege of the owner accepting your pet/s can be revoked at any time. If any animal becomes a nuisance to neighbors, destroys the interior or exterior of the property, or becomes a danger to anyone, you will receive written notice and the pet must be removed within five (5) days of receiving the notice.

What if I Have a Visiting Pet?

Unless prior written consent and the required pet fee/s are paid. Tenant will be responsible for, any unauthorized animals per the Tenant Handbook for pet charges, once the pet is seen or reported to be visiting or living on the premises, at any time during the lease term Tenant will further be liable for any and all damage caused by the pet and shall pay according to the damage assessed such as a professional janitorial allergen cleaning of the house, pet damage to property inside and outside, interior and exterior treatment for fleas, ticks, and professional de- flea/de-tick and deodorized the carpet as well as in the event replacing of carpet, etc.

When is the Rent Due?

All rents are due and payable on the First Day of the Month and no later than the 5th of the month to avoid late fees. For new tenants all monies will be due when you obtain the keys for the property and funds must be in using the tenant online portals, or certified funds i.e. money order, or cashier's check.

Payments of rent for any NSF checks, plus the returned check and bank charges must be paid in certified funds or money order within 24 hours of notification, or the landlord may begin legal action without further notice. After a personal check is returned for insufficient funds, you may be required to pay all future rent either with money order or certified funds for the balance of your tenancy. If your NSF check made your rent payment late, the late fee stated in your lease will also be due and payable in addition to any NSF fees.

Am I obligated to give you my Change of Employment Status or changes to Home/Cell Phone Numbers or Email address?

It is the tenant responsibility to notify the Property Management office immediately upon the changes of employment and provide the Property Management Division with a new work, cell and home phone numbers. Any changes of email address, home or cell phone numbers will be the responsibility of the tenant to notify the Property Manager immediately. Failure to notify management of these changes and any interruption in communication will fall onto the tenant.


Please ensure you obtain the appropriate landlord written approval and authorization before installing satellite, dish, phone, and internet or alarm systems. This is at the expense of the Tenant and not of the landlord. You required to obtain written permission, first. Please email or contact our office to get written approval from the property owner prior to any installation work. Should you neglect to inform our office of the installation of any equipment, the removal of equipment and repairs will fall on you?

If the property is located within a community where there is a Homeowners Association or an Association Management Company managing the property as well, then you will need to get approval from the Homeowners Association/Board of Directors.

What if I lock myself out?

If you are locked out during normal business hours, call our office for a key on file. For after hours emergency, contact Merlyn M. Banks at 571-436-0445. There is a charge for lockout at the tenant’s expense.

Can a friend move in with me?

You must have written permission from Management and follow the normal applicant procedure for adding another person or future Tenant. Please review your lease. If someone moves in without Management's written permission action will be taken against you.

What happens if I pay half of the rent, but my roommate doesn't pay the other half?

Each Tenant is jointly and severally responsible for the entire monthly rent. If we don't receive all of the rent money, legal action will be taken against all persons on the lease, i.e. Each Tenant's credit rating will be in jeopardy.

Can I use my security deposit to pay my last month's rent?

No. If you don't pay your last month's rent, legal action will begin just like any other month. Even if you move out without having done any damage to your dwelling, you might still have a judgment entered against you.

Will I get my security deposit back?

We hope so! We want you to move out with all of your rent and fees paid and leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in; except for reasonable wear and tear. That's all you have to do to get a full refund of your security deposit. This is processed and return to tenant within 45 days under the VRLTA.

Please ensure you provide your best contact phone numbers, daytime, evening or cell numbers. If you are not contacted by a repair person within 24/48 hours (excluding weekends or holidays) after reporting your maintenance request, please notify us using the repairs@bankspropertymanagement.com email or contact the Property Manager merlyn.banks@bankspropertymanagement.com during normal business hours so the repair request can be re-assigned.

What is the Move out Inspection Process?

We WANT you to get your full refund of your Security Deposit. Adhering to the Move-Out Checklist will help ensure that you do. The inspection may take about 30-45 minutes depending on the property. We strongly request that all tenants follow the lease on the checkout guidelines as well as the vacate notice acknowledgement sent by management. Inspections are made only after tenants are fully and completely vacated and the premises are professionally janitorial cleaned, carpets are professionally cleaned and deflea/detick if pest are present, pest treatment done, (all receipt required), we will not walk on wet carpet if it was just cleaned on the move out inspection day. In addition, the yard must be cleaned up, lawn cut, edged, flower beds cleaned, shrubs trimmed, gutters cleaned, repainting or fixing any repairs modification made by tenant, ensure the house is professionally janitorial cleaned, chimney professionally cleaned, for wood burning fireplace, filters changes, smoke detectors batteries changes, all trash/debris are removed, and you are ready to turn over the keys at the time of the inspection.


We will make every attempt to accommodate everyone. It is the tenant responsibility to meet the pre-scheduled date and time of the move out appointment. If not the Tenant will be assessed a Seventy Dollar $75 charge for any check out appointments requiring re-scheduling, due to Tenant not being able to meet the scheduled checkout date or property is not ready for final walk in the Move out Process. Tenant will also be charges the per-diem rent rate as outlined in the lease.

Do I have to have all utilities on during my final inspection?

Yes, All Utilities to include: Water, Electricity and Gas must be in effect at the time of check out. If tenant vacate the premises prior to the lease term, all utilities must remain connected until the property is re-rented or the term expires. Tenant/s will be held responsible for payment of all utilities if Tenant breaches the lease obligations. Tenant/s has the right to be present at the time of Landlord's check out inspection.

Renters Insurance:

It is important for all renters to obtain renters insurance and submit a copy to our office. Disaster Emergency – These situations would include but not be limited to; kitchen fire, leaking water heater, burst water pipe, tree on house, etc. Upon first occurrence or discovery of problem, secure the property from further damage immediately. The following is a summary of what to expect. Please post this notice in a visible place. If any of these actions do occur, notify us immediately. Keeping everyone on schedule in a cooperative effort and you are part of the team.

Tenant Responsibilities: If a Disaster Occurs
  • Secure the property and prevent additional damage immediately.
  • Turn off source of water or electricity or gas, as it demands.
  • Notify the Property Manager, at 571-436-0445 (Merlyn Banks).
  • Make claim on your renters insurance.
  • Notify our office of your insurance coverage.
  • Provide emergency report to the Property Manager (i.e., police, fire, etc.).
  • Provide arrangements for the insurance agent and/or repairman to have access to the property.
  • Promptly notify our office of any delays with repairs and or problems with the assign contractors.
Property Management Responsibilities - If a Disaster Occurs
  • Notify the Owner, Insurance Company and necessary contractors. Inspection for any damages to the Property and report to Owner.
  • Inspect damages of the Property and report to owner.
  • Coordinate and inspect the completion of repairs.
The insurance company:

Should contact you within 24/48 hours. They will determine the damage, depending on the severity of the damage, the repairs will begin. Please remember that work is performed during normal daytime business hours. The repair company will contact you to set a time to do the work. After the repairs have been completed we will contact you to view the work and take pictures. You are responsible for any losses to the owner due to resident's negligence. Any charges not covered will be billed to you. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SECURING THE PROPERTY; EVERYTHING THE HOME OWNER WOULD DO, WILL BE EXPECTED OF YOU TO DO.

Disaster Plan:

In the event of a catastrophic occurrence resulting in damage to the property (i.e., hurricane, tornado or other such disasters), immediately seek shelter, contact local Emergency authorities (i.e., Fire and Rescue, Police, etc.). After you are safe and the property is reasonably secured, contact the Property Manager.

Rental Payments:

All rent Payments except CASH can be in the form of personal checks, money orders, or cashier's check, after the initial occupancy and made payable to: BANKS Property Management and Sales. Please include your name and the property address on the check. You may pay in person during our normal business hours. You may also use our black drop box located at the front entrance of our building. Or mail to 181 Kings Highway, Suite 209, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405.

After a personal check is returned for insufficient funds, you will be required to pay all future rent either with money order or certified funds for the balance of your lease tenancy. If your NSF check made your rent payment late, the late fee stated in your lease will also be due and payable in addition to any NSF fees.

** Also please make sure that your rental address is neatly written on the payment.

Should you wish to sign up for our monthly ACH option, please log into your tenant portal to download the proper form? Please also be sure to cancel any automatic payments if you are no longer BANKS Property Management and Sales Resident. All fees associated with paying online will be at the tenants cost.

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