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Property Listings

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Our Screening Process

To All Applicant(s):

Please note that all applicants over 18 years of age who will reside on the property must fill out our BANKS Property Management & Sales Rental packet. Please follow Our Rental Criteria instructions. No Exceptions! All application(s) must be completely filled out and submitted along with the required Documentation and Fees. Please note all our Rentals, Leases, and Property Management Services are governed under the Fair Housing Act & by the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act." VRLTA".


Processing of Application(s) includes the below for ALL Applicants

  • Application fee $50 for all persons over 18 years -PAID IN CASHIERS CHECK FUNDS
  • Application Deposit equal to one month's rent – PAID IN CASHIERS CHECK FUNDS (Paid Separately)
  • Valid DMV Issued Driver's License
  • Stable Fulltime Employment - 2 years plus
  • Two (2) recent paystubs within 30 days or 60 days cycle
  • Credit & Background check
  • Current & Past Landlord Verifications
  • Applicants must submit for each pet (Pictures, License, Shot Records, & Neutered Information, along with the Application for consideration – For properties considering pets) No Exceptions!

Please note it is imperative that all information included in the Application packet are received for processing i.e. Application Fees, Application Deposit, Paystubs, LES/Orders, Employment Information, Landlord Verification Form, Disclosures forms Etc. & must be completely filled out; failure to provide all documentation, will result in application being rejected.

Agents: Please include your business card, & Agency Disclosure. You may also deliver the original application along with the documents in our drop box. Processing of Application/s includes Credit Check, Employment, Background & Landlord Verifications– This may take 72 hours or up to (7) business days depending on the property owner's location and if there are missing documents on the application per requirement.

Remember Fair Housing:

Under the Fair Housing Code, we cannot and will not discriminate against any applicant that falls under a protected class. This includes but is not limited to race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap, or elderliness. This does not mean that a tenant in a protected class does not have to qualify in order to rent the property. They are subject to the same standards as all other applicants and if they do not meet the requirements, you are allowed to reject the application. We have strict financial guidelines and rental requirements, but we do not and will not discriminate against a protected class.

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